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Clean Room
A clean room of Class 10000 is maintained throughout the process. Frequent tests for air particle count and micro-organism count are carried out to attain the prescribed standards. A separate air handling unit with centralized air conditioning, air shower, well distributed laminar flow system and stringent clean room procedures followed by our employees leads to ultimate cleanliness inside the process area.

Manufacturing Process - Stores
The cleanly maintained store uses the latest material management techniques. The incoming materials are subjected to thorough inspection, before acceptance. There is a centralized material handling system to convey the raw materials from stores to the injection moulding, to prevent contamination of the process area.

Injection Moulding
Latest Micro processor controlled injection moulding are installed syringes of various sizes from 2 ml to 10 ml. Relevant quality checks are carried out before transferring the syringes to the next stage.

Printing and Assembly
The components received from the injection moulding department are fed into the specially designed Printing and Assembly machine, using Japanese technology, where the syringes are printed with graduations and then assembled.

Manual Inspection
The assembled syringes are subjected to 100% quality inspection by trained inspection team to check the printing and proper functioning of the syringe.

Blister Packing
Syringes and needles are packed together in blister, using medical grade film and paper, on a high speed machine.

Ribbon Packing
Syringes are also packed in laminated film made with PET and PE, commercially called Ribbon Pack. The Ribbon Packs are later subjected to 100% sterilization in the sterilization chamber, where the EO gas enters the Ribbon Packs through the filter paper and the slits created on the laminated film.

The unit packed syringes and needles are packed in cartons and sterilized in the sterilization chamber conforming to the prescribe standards. Every sterilization process is monitored with reference to chemical indicators and biological testing procedures. All the sterilized packs are kept under quarantine till the same passes the sterility, non-pyrogenity and non-toxicity tests.

After successful sterilization, the syringes packed in cartons are moved to the finished goods store for distribution to the market.

Quality Team
Our quality controllers put in their best efforts to bring out products of high quality. We use the best quality systems and GMP at every stage, from the receipt of raw materials to finished products, to ensure production of syringes of very high quality. Our booming sales through repeat orders speak of our quality

Marketing Team - Motto
Supply of quality product by maintaining a good customer Relationship at affordable prices. A Marketing Team head with adequate field staff are ethically promoting our products throughout the country at different parts. A quality product at affordable prices to the customers satisfaction is our Motto. The ability of our marketing team can be observed easily from our sales.

Despite being in a stiff competitive market our standard quality polices and good relationship with customers paved a steady way towards the success. Even though there is tough and competitive market for disposable syringes, our sales are much higher and our inventories are lean. We have a very good and satisfied customer base. This is our strength and success.

Hypodermic Needle
  • Made as per ISO standards
  • Lancet Regular and Lancet Short Bevel models
  • Available in different wall thickness Ultra Thin Wall (UTW), Thin Wall (TW) And Regular Wall(RW)
  • Sharp Cannulae made from high quality steel for Nipro, Japan
  • 3 angled Lancet cut and siliconised needle to facilitates smooth And painless penetration after piercing
  • Hubs made with ISO standard colours for easy identification of sizes
  • Inspected thoroughly through optical camera to detect blockage and blunt needles
  • Free from manual handling from the start of Cannulae loading to the fixing of cap on the needle, which leads to absolute cleanliness
  • The entire process is carried out in Class 10000 clean room condition.

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